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Amarjit Khambay
Ex Founding Trustee

Raj Rayan OBE
Ex Trustee

Pomi Datta

The seeds of the Sterling Dental Foundation were planted in 1973 when Amarjit Khambay founded the London Hospital Mwindi Club (Mwindi is Swahili for Indian) in Whitechapel with other students who shared a common background of financial hardship and a partiality for draft Guinness. 'AOG' was an acronym for 'Asians on Guinness'.

As the group graduated, extended their contacts and became successful, they found it a wonderful organisation for social networking, peer review, organising bespoke courses, and later, great banquets. All activities led to a charitable contribution as a matter of habit. It was to put something back in gratitude for what they had received.

The AOG soon became a welcoming group and a magnet for like minded dentists, their staff and families. It grew, both in numbers and stature, attracting colleagues with a calling for giving.

Though there was a committee structure, there was no social hierarchy. As coincidence would have it, "Aaa Ooo Gee" means "Welcome" in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. Hence the AOG was no longer an acronym and now means simply that – "Welcome". Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. Its strap line is "Towards the Greater Good".

In 2013, Amarjit Khambay resigned as a Founding Trustee of the AOG to start-up a multi-cultural, international organisation - the Sterling Dental Foundation - to leave "A Lasting Legacy".

AOG Past Presidents & Secretaries

President Year Secretary
Navtej Vasir 1981-1982 Amarjit Khambay
Shashi Patel 1982-1983 Amarjit Khambay
Amarjit Khambay 1983-1990 Dipak Joshi
Dipak Joshi 1990-1991 Hansdev Patel
Raj Rayan OBE 1991-1992 Hansdev Patel
Amolak Singh MBE 1992-1993 Hubert Chang
Manjul Vasant MBE 1993-1994 Raj Rayan OBE
Ruby Austin MBE 1994-1995 Dinesh Jani
Rashmi Patel MBE 1995-1996 Raj Majithia
Suresh Chande 1996-1997 Saif Najafi
Saif Najafi 1997-1999 Abhay Soneji
Mayur Butt 1999-2000 Abhay Soneji
Jatin Desai 2000-2001 Pinkoo Bhose
Ian McIntyre 2001-2002 Stephen Lambert-Humble MBE
Abhay Soneji 2002-2003 Dinesh Jani
Dinesh Jani 2003-2005 Rishi Mehrotra
Rishi Mehrotra 2005-2006 Nishan Dixit
Nadeem Zafar 2006-2008 Nishan Dixit
Promodh Datta 2008-2011 Nishan Dixit

Founders Board

Amarjit Khambay
Bhupinder Bhogal
Davinderpal Kooner
Dipak Joshi
Dinesh Jani
Gurjit Bhavra
Khurshid Qureshi
Navtej Vasir
Promodh Datta
Russ Ladwa
Saif Najefi
Shyam Kareer
Suresh Sharma
Surinder Ghalley