Dr Wyman Chan

Over the last 20 years, Wyman has worked with all major home and power whitening systems. His PhD research led to seven UK and US patents with several more pending. Wyman won the prestigious Procter and Gamble Investigator Award at the 2008 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting in Toronto, Canada. He was selected as a chairperson for a poster discussion session at IADR meeting in Barcelona in July 2010.  He presented a clinical paper on a new home whitening system using a spectrophotometer to measure the shade of each tooth in three areas, the cervical, body and the incisal area.

Through his research and experience of treating thousands of patients, Wyman has discovered some important phenomena in the texture of teeth, and harnessed them to establish some important protocols and metrics that have contributed to the understanding and improvement on safety and efficacy of teeth whitening processes. He has published some important hypotheses in teeth whitening processes, which help to evaluate the texture of the enamel of the teeth structure. He is well credited as the inventor of the painless teeth whitening techniques and products including Perfect Trays and the award winning Get2Smile.

In 2010, Wyman was appointed as Clinical Associate Teacher at the Institute of Clinical Education, Warwick Dentistry, University of Warwick. He lectures internationally and has had many articles published in dental journals. He wrote a chapter entitled ‘Scientific Advances in Tooth-whitening Processes’ within in the book, ‘The Art of Treatment Planning’ Dental and Medical Approaches to the Face and Smile, by Quintessence Publishing October 2009.